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Diary Dates 2015

Please also note that the Venue for the Bi-Monthly Meetings (excluding Outside Events) after the April meeting, the venue will be at the Black Box at the Phoenix Centre, Bradninch Place, Gandy Street, Exeter.

Talk - 9th April 2015 Magical Beliefs & Practices in the West Country. Talk given by author Steve Paterson. Venue Central Library.

Outside Visit - 15th May 2015 Visit to the Cygnet Theatre & its Environs – Details to follow.

Talk - 11th June 2015 The Teign Valley Railway "Lost but not forgotten". by Malcolm Grigory

Outside Visit - 10th July 2015 "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" Architecture above the eyeline in Central Exeter (more details to follow)

Talk - 13th August 2015 Pre-WW2 photos of Exeter by Den Arden (to be confirmed)

Outside Visit - 11th September 2015 Great Duryard reborn (now the Steiner Academy) (more details to follow)

Talk - 10th December 2015 Chairman's evening: "Slide-show of Exeter business
, by Richard Holladay

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The Society exists to promote an interest in the history of Exeter - it is open to anyone who has an interest in the local history of Exeter.

Members can attend the bi-monthly meetings to listen to a variety of expert speakers on different aspects of Exeter's long history. In the past, subjects have covered the Trafalgar Trail, colourful clergy of Devon, the cinemas of Devon, and much more.

Visits to local places of interest are arranged, including in the past, the Devon and Exeter Institution, the Cathedral, walks around St Thomas and more. Previous Talks

Membership costs 12 per year (£16 couple) - to join please go to the Contact Page

Exeter Sorting Office 1915

King and Queen

Western Times - Saturday 06 March 1915
Exeter Police to Employ an Airdale

The Watch Committee report to the Exeter City Council that the Chief Constable has presented an airedale terrier for the use of the Force as an experiment in the employment of dogs as aid to police.

Western Times - Monday 08 March 1915
Unemployed girls

The appeal I made on Friday for the loan of five sewing machines for use in the Exeter workrooms for unemployed girls and young women has so far resulted in one machine being offered by a Heavitree lady. Thus four more are wanted and no doubt will be forthcoming in the next day or so.

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette - Saturday 09 January 1915

The two sharks captured by Mr. Litton, of Lympstone, a few days ago, will be again exhibited to-day in a shop in Sidwell-street, Exeter, near the corner of Paris-street, under the direction of the Committee who conducted the display of the devil-fish in the Highstreet. A penny is charged for admission, and the proceeds will devoted to the Mayoress of Exeter's Fund.

Western Times - Tuesday 09 March 1915
Birch for Boy Thieves at Exeter

Further cases of theft against Exeter boys were heard before Messrs. P. Kelland and H. Ball at the City Children's Court yesterday morning. Two boys, aged twelve and nine respectively, pleaded guilty to stealing one shilling and a penny from the till of a shop in Oxford-street, St. Thomas. They were caught red-handed, one boy being seen with coppers in his hand, while the other said he had been told by the first boy to steal. They admitted trying get money from four other shops during the morning, but had failed. Both boys were before the Court a short time ago, concerned in the theft of a collecting box, and it was now stated that the elder boy, after being arrested and released, declined to go home. He lived with his grandfather and grandmother, and was out of control. This boy was sent to a reformatory for five years and was apparently quite unconcerned when the Justices announced their decision. The other boy was ordered six |strokes with the birch.
Two lads, aged about thirteen, both of whose fathers were at the Front, were sentenced to receive six strokes each for stealing three mangolds from a field at Wonford. The Chief Constable said that there had been repeated thefts and damage in the field in question, and defendants were put under probation some twelve months ago for stealing apples. While under probation, said Mr. Mundy, Superintendent to the Exeter Education Committee, they behaved very well indeed.