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Diary Dates 2014

Apart from outside visits, all meetings are held the Rougemont Room, Central Library. Start Times 7.00pm

All meetings in 2014 are the second Thursday of the month. See Note below for times from the AGM 2014.

THURSDAY 10 APRIL 2014 at 7pm
Colin Vosper on Harry Hems
Harry Hems Centre Longbrook Street Exeter.
Optional short tour of building- see article “Future Programme”
for further details of this tour.

Friday 30 May 2914 at 10.30am
Guided tour of Great Duryard House
See Events for details

Thursday 12 June 2014 7.00pm
Extraordinary General Meeting of the Society

Followed by talk by Mike Walker on
- The History of Tuckers Hall
- and Shipping the Serge, the export
of woollens through Topsham.
Members are invited to look round the
interpretation centre after the talk

Thursday 14 August 2014
Dr. John P. Salvatore
The recently excavated Iron Age Settlement and Roman military base at St. Loyes

Thursday 9 October 2014
Clare Maudling
The History of post-war Exeter

Thursday 11 December 2014
Peter Dare
The various types of stone used in the
building of Exeter Cathedral

See Coming Events for the summer outside meetings

Welcome to the Exeter Local History Society website

The Society exists to promote an interest in the history of Exeter - it is open to anyone who has an interest in the local history of Exeter.

Members can attend the bi-monthly meetings to listen to a variety of expert speakers on different aspects of Exeter's long history. In the past, subjects have covered the Trafalgar Trail, colourful clergy of Devon, the cinemas of Devon, and much more.

Visits to local places of interest are arranged, including in the past, the Devon and Exeter Institution, the Cathedral, walks around St Thomas and more.

Membership costs 12 per year (£16 couple) - to join please go to the Contact Page

Upcoming Roman Ruins - outside event 14 August 2014

Our August meeting will be in the Rougemont Room at Exeter Central Library, from 7 pm until 9pm. The talk will be given by Dr John Salvatore, a member of the prestigious Exeter Archaeological Society.

He will explain how, in 2010, at the St Loyes site on Topsham Road, Roman ruins were found on the line of a Roman road between a small fortress at Topsham and the main fortress in Exeter. Dr Salvatore and his team excavated the site and now believe it to have been a Ro- man military works depot and supply base.

It was probably de-commissioned as part of the withdrawal of the Roman army presence towards the end of the first century AD, although signs of timber buildings and a well suggest re-use
of the site later. A cemetery was also discovered for which no direct dating evidence has been found.

Dr Salvatore will share his experiences of the excavation with photographs and pictures, although his paper “The Recently Ex- cavated Iron Age Settlement and Roman Military Supply Base at the former St Loyes College site on Topsham Road, Exeter” will not be published until next year.
Later in the year at our visit behind the scenes at the RAMM we will see exhibits which demonstrate the importance of such finds.